THE ERGO Posture
Transformer System


The ERGO Scientifically improves your center of gravity by using a patented support cushion design that triggers a spinal righting reflex.

Posture Pivot Point supports the mid-back vertebra adjusting them into the correct alignment, head on top of shoulders

Shoulder Abductor Points holds the shoulders back and down in a relaxed position

Chest Expansion Points gently guides the chest open in a comfortable expanded position


Targeted Exercise Therapy for Treatment and Prevention

The most rapid and effective treatment for weak posture, neck, back and shoulder strain is exercise therapy. Our team of therapeutic specialists have created a simple but effective exercise therapy routine to ensure rapid and long term results. Each exercise assists in the increase of circulation, flexibility and range of motion of neck, shoulders, back, abdominals and spine. By following the routine several times a day while wearing your ERGO you are preventing deterioration of your posture and building strong posture. By following the instructed program as directed you will see rapid and compounded results ensuring posture strength for life.

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