Instantly Transform Your Posture

In 1 hr+ a day effortlessly align and strengthen posture, relieve neck & back strain with the most advanced wearable solution

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Posture Corrector & Back Support

You need support. We all need support.

Posture Pivot Point

Reinforces the mid-back vertebrae adjusting them into the correct alignment rebalancing the head back on top of the shoulders

Shoulder Abductor Points

Supports the shoulders back and down in a relaxed position

Chest Expansion Points

Gently guides the chest open in a comfortable expanded position

A Wearable Mini Ergonomic Chair

Strong & Simple Wearable Exerciser



 I work on my patient’s backs all day.  I never have time to get my own treatments so I knew I had to do something and fast!  I almost couldn’t believe how brilliant a product the ERGO is. I have recommended it to my patients and all the doctors in my association. It is the best spinal support on the market.

Dr. Sam Abbruzziano  DC

 Every employee should have an ERGO, it's not the chair that needs proper adjusting, its your body, and this device achieves that effortlessly.

Laurie Rennerd, Ultimate Software Wellness Adviser

I received my ERGO on Friday.  I have been using it all weekend. I am so impressed with how well it works. I feel like a totally different person and I am actually looking forward to wearing it Monday at work!!  Wow! You guys nailed it.

Sandra Demetri,  Long Island, New York