Perfect Posture Instantly

The ERGO lifts and holds your body in proper spinal alignment by supporting you mid-back vertebrae, ergonomically preventing you from slouching. Wear it for 1 - 6 hours a day to improve and strengthen posture. Stretch with it throughout the day to relieve neck, back and shoulder pain.

Stretch and Flex Throughout Your Day

Resistance bands provide a force against which your muscles must work. This action causes muscles to contract, which stimulates bone as well as muscle growth. The use of resistance bands are one of the safest methods to increase strength, rehabilitate injury and help prevent deterioration. 

Flex with the therapeutic resistance to release tension and tone key muscles. Increase your circulation, flexibility and range of motion with our simple daily stretching routine.


This is the closest to the perfect posture trainer I've tried yet. I also took it to my physiologist who tried it and gave it the thumbs up.


I work on my patient's backs all day. I can only do so much to help their posture. This is the best tool on the market to ensure building posture strength and preventing the rapid deterioration that is taking place while slouching at work.

Dr. Sam Abbruziano DC

I instantly felt lifted and the pain in my side was gone within 10 minutes. I use it daily and it has been the best solution I could have hoped for.


ERGO Posture Transformer