Our Mission

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    This isn't just any posture corrector. Our solution features a patented design technology that no other device provides. The Pivot point triggers an automatic reflex in your thoracic vertebrae, resulting in proper spinal alignment while sitting, standing or walking.

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    Posture is one of the most vital aspects of your wellness. Standing up straight is not the only factor. Our targeted exercise therapy is the key to strong posture for life. Begin building progressive strength in the first hour you use it.

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    product testing

    Thousands of people have tested this product before you, they are all benefiting from the results, now its your opportunity!

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    We have tested and chosen the best materials and custom designed the perfect parts. Our elastic resistance tube is therapeutic grade guaranteed to provide you with consistent performance daily and over your lifetime. Its build to last!

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    building a brand

    We are not stopping here. We have elaborate plans for more devices and attachable accessories. Stay tuned!

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    our commitment

    We created this product for ourselves, we use it everyday and we want you to share in the awesome benefits too.

Our System

The earlier model of the ERGO was only a posture support, very one dimensional. The new and improved version provides a multitude of functions and versatility for the best posture results. Bigger in size and using better materials has greatly enhanced the product's function and performance. We have also worked to develop a cohesive "system for strength" that includes advancements in design, exercise protocols for treatment, daily programs to follow, video and quick reference guides to keep you on track and help you to achieve your goals.

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