Tips for Correcting Bad Posture and Computer Posture at Work

Having good posture is simple and exceptionally imperative to allow us to keep up a solid personality and maintain a healthy looking figure. When you practice good posture and exercise, your physique will start to arrange and realign itself. This can mitigate conventional health issues, for example, lower back pain or neck ache, cerebral pains, and even feelings of weakness in the shoulders. Being in great general health and standing (or sitting) tall will likewise support your bearing and confidence.

As your head rebalances itself correctly over top of your spine, you will experience feelings of weightlessness. This article will reveal to you a few approaches for correcting bad posture and offer new insights as to why it would be beneficial to you to maintain correct sitting posture throughout your day.

A couple of tips that can help you in correcting bad posture include –

  1. Roll your shoulders back and pull your shoulder blades back so that they feel like they are going to touch each other, pull your head back and lift your chin up. Lift your sternum (the flat bone that lies in the middle of your rib cage) up and try to sit straight like this for five minutes. You may find this hard to do. However, in the event that you attempt to do this consistently, a bad posture can be improved in due time.
  2. By keeping your head balanced with your ears over top of your shoulders and your shoulders over top of your hips is that you will begin to feel a change in your self-regard and mentality. In the event that you can keep this balance you will feel additional confidence, which will enhance your disposition and temperament.
  3. Don't tighten up your muscles in your attempt to correct your back posture. Attempt to achieve balance by correctly repositioning your head. Keep in mind that the heads center of balance is located slightly forward of the neck vertebra so repositioning our balance may feel odd at first. Let your breath guide you and this is the best way to go about it. It can take days to fortify the muscle awkwardness and for some, this is extremely hard to accomplish.
  4. If your head is hanging, you can't be legitimately postured. Keep your head at the level that permits you to look specifically ahead without needing to turn your eyes up. Assuming that you can't do this without feeling strain in your neck, this means you are bringing about unnecessary muscle pressure.
  5. Be patient with yourself. Correcting a bad posture can move along at a slow pace, particularly if that you've had awful carriage for quite some time.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a wearable device that could instantly lift you into the proper alignment described above? What if this device could be used as both an exercise system and support system? Some of the best posture correcting exercises include stretching out the muscles of the neck and shoulders by rolling the shoulders in a circular motion. Wouldn’t it be great if this wearable device would allow the musculature of the upper body to be reset and massaged by your own hand?

What if there was a posture aid that felt great? What if this aid could utilize and provide proprioceptive therapy while working at the office. What if this could be used to balance the body instantly into a new posture, lifting the shoulders back and the sternum up, allowing for better breathing instantly?

The advent of the computer age has created a situation where the posture health of employees is rapidly deteriorating. What if that deterioration could be completely reversed and replaced with strength instead?

If such a tool existed, could this be the dawn of a brand new age where employees can strengthen their posture while at the office? Well it does exist. We would like to welcome a new age of posture strength at the office, on the job and at work.

Best results – the Perfectore Team



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