Every employee should have a Ergo Back Support, it's not the chair that needs proper adjusting, its your body, and this device achieves that effortlessly.

Laurie Rennerd, Ultimate Software Wellness Adviser

I have used the Ergo Back Support for well over 8 years and utilized this as a foundation in my daily activities to strengthen and lengthen my posture. As a practitioner of yoga and variety of physically enduring exercises, this has been one of the only customizable, comfortable and durable products that I have found to really see improvements in a short period of time. This has been instrumental to my recovery from neck injuries after an auto accident that left me with severe whip lash. It has served its purpose more than I expected, from therapeutic restoration to an increase in my emotional well being; as I am allowing my spine to decompress into an aligned state of accelerated healing.

Erika Furman

This is an excellent product! I have a shoulder injury which made me curve inward on my right side. After wearing the support I am less hunched over and my shoulder has less pain. I have also been doing the daily exercises and have gained better posture.

Amazon Customer

This back support system is absolutely great and I highly recommend it. It has really helped me with back pain and sciatic pain I was having. It is such a simple device that is easy to wear and I love the stretches that the company recommend doing with it. It's totally alleviated my chronic pain and has given me better posture. I love to wear it with the backpack accessory that has the water pack when I go on a long walk with my two small children and dog. So handy and convenient to have a bag, thermos, and back support all built in. Really happy with the results I am having and so much better than a lot of other things I've tried.

Christina Nicodemou

I was driving UBER for a while and getting home at the end of the day with extreme back pain. It was hard to fall asleep. On the very 1st day I used this product I got back home with no pains!!!!! Amazing!!!! This really changes the quality of life!!!

Valerie Navarrete

This is an excellent product! I have a shoulder injury which made me curve inward on my right side. After wearing the support I am less hunched over and my shoulder has less pain. I have also been doing the daily exercises and have gained better posture. I have already recommended it to 5 people.

Stella Cooney

I’m sitting here wearing my Ergo Back Support and I’m thinking your device has cured the chronic “tick” at my waist… and how much pain you’ve relieved… I used to go home everyday in pain… and now I can hardly remember that pain. Thanks 

Wendy Unger, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce

While I was writing my assignments the tension in my upper back was very painful.  I would feel shooting pains up and down my arms, I didn’t realize how poor my posture was while sitting at my computer until after I began using the Ergo Back Support.  Now I can work for hours without discomfort. I have had a major posture improvement. I know I am saving myself from years of back pain issues!  Its the best investment I have ever made.

Ivan Boddicavick,  Stanford University

I received my Ergo Back Support on Friday.  I have been using it all weekend. I am so impressed with how well it works.  I feel like a totally different person and I am actually looking forward to wearing it Monday at work!!  Wow! You guys nailed it.

Sandra Demetri,  Long Island, New York

 I wanted to really put this thing to the test so I used it for a month before I emailed you. I immediately felt it pull my shoulders back and correct my neck.  I thought I was standing up straight all this time and I was off at least 15 degrees. I was DJing and after about 2 hours I started to get a pain in my lower back, so I put it on. The pain went away within 5 minutes. I played for another 4 hours no problem.  

Matthew Little, DJ and Fitness Trainer 

 I work on my patient’s backs all day.  I never have time to get my own treatments so I knew I had to do something and fast!  I almost couldn’t believe how brilliant a product the Ergo Back Support is.  I have recommended it to my patients and all the doctors in my association.  It is the best spinal support on the market.

Dr. Sam Abbruzziano  DC

I use my Ergo Back Support everyday, I have experienced an increase in my productivity.  I am no longer distracted by a constant ache in my neck.  My alignment has improved drastically.  I don’t slouch over my computer like I used to, all my colleagues have also purchased a Posture Transformer after witnessing my incredible shift. The posture exercises are are really easy to follow as a daily regimen and loosen up my muscles when I start to get tension buildup.  Awesome product!

Ann McCullough, Director of Marketing

 I was absolutely amazed at my patient's posture transformation. His whole physiology changed and was visible in his overall appearance and gait.  He had been using it for six weeks now.  I have bought one for myself and use it everyday.  A truly incredible product.

Dr. Schwartz, DC

This is the best posture corrector available and I have decades of experience in assisting patients with posture correction. It is superior in design and approach to solving posture weakness with providing a easy method to adopt physical therapy on a daily basis at work or at home.

Dr. Forbess, DC

I was tired of slouching constantly. I had dreamed of something that could solve my posture problem and I was so relieved to find the Ergo Back Support. It does exactly what it says, lifts my body into proper alignment keeping me upright. I feel more confident about my appearance and I have more strength to hold my body up. I was so stiff and now my range of motion is incredible. I use it whenever I go walking or sit at the computer. It is a godsend!

DeAnne Connelly, Public Relations Specialist

I am loving the Ergo Back Support. Now I am sitting up straight while I work at the computer. It's taken a big amount of stress off my neck. It's a great system.

6 weeks later..."My dad is walking so much straighter it's unbelievable. Wow. I feel it too. Thanks guys for such and amazing device." 

David Dzuiba, Internet Analyst

My posture has improved already!!!! I have been using it less than a week. I am amazed at how well it works.  This little device has a lot of power. Thanks.

Andrea Hansen, Marketing Manager

Enjoying my Ergo Back Support, I'm using it at the computer now. Great suggestion, the desktop has ruined my posture since 1999. I played golf with it yesterday, loved it, I think it improved my swing!!

Mo Morgen, Jazz Musician