World’s Best Back Support launches on Kickstarter

World’s Best Back Support launches on Kickstarter

The Ergo Back Support an Evolutionary Posture Perfecting Tool :Perfect Posture Instantly Strong Posture For Life

Miami, Jan. 11, 2017 — Collon Brown, Founder of Perfectore Corp. has launched the premiere device and custom accessory in his Wearable Strength Gear product line. While hundreds of thousands of people suffer on a daily basis with weak and painful posture, Brown feels this particular product will go down in history as the world’s best solution for perfecting posture instantly and building posture strength effortlessly.

It all started with an idea of making wearable exercise equipment that could be used to build strength while sitting in front of the computer all day. “I’ve been in the business for over a decade and have to say, there is no other device that comes close to offering the features that the Ergo Back Support does.  “We have spent years developing a universal tool that will provide results in the first hour you wear it. Use it an hour a day everyday and witness how your posture gets exponentially better."

Up to this point posture braces and back supports have been based on an outdated method of forcing the shoulders into an unnatural and uncomfortable position. Healthy posture by nature is dynamic and once braced the foundational muscles atrophy causing more weakness. The braces become a crutch, and the individual becomes dependent.

“The Ergo Back Support is dynamic, designed to stretch and flex with while sitting, standing or walking,” says Brown.  “I designed something that could make us all stronger, at work, at home and at play, gaining valuable hours everyday. I started to look into different ways of strength building, weight training, yoga, elastic resistance, pilates. Powerful methods of transformation. I created a tool that was a integration of them all. The secret behind this revolutionary product lies in its simplicity – by combining the proven sciences of ergonomics and exercise therapy.

People loved it right from the start it was a runaway success! I have been trying to keep up with demand ever since. Hence why I have chosen the powerful Kickstarter community to help me build this brand.

Brown and his partner/wife Marina Prospero have put years into making this the best product available. The Ergo Back Support incorporates a patented design technology that instantly lifts you into optimum alignment. Made in the USA with custom quality parts, the support was created to last a lifetime of use.  With the encouragement of hundreds of requests they decided to add accessories to expand on the activities you can use the support. The first in the line of many attachable accessories being a slick and modern hydration backpack enhancing body function while walking and jogging. 

According to The Perfectore Team this product is a paradigm shift, one that will allow you to operate at your peak performance and benefit from strong posture, sitting straight, standing tall and walking strong!



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