Are you slouching over your computer all day?

Do you feel like your posture is deteriorating and you have no solution? 

This is your solution and it is instant and easy to use. 

The Perfectore Posture Transformer has been developed specifically to assist you in sitting and standing up straight.  It is a tool that makes proper spinal alignment and achieving optimum core strength effortless. The Posture Transformer uses the natural law of opposing forces to shift your body into proper posture, relieving up to 70 lbs of excess pressure from the neck, shoulders and back. You feel weightless and function better.  

No longer do you have to struggle to hold your body up throughout the day.  

You breathe more deeply, your vital organs have more room to function, your performance is improved, your productivity is increased and you look and feel better instantly.

Develop posture strength in only 1 hour a day

Finally your solution to STOP SLOUCHING and achieve posture strength for life!

Perfectore's "Wearable Strength Anti-Gravity Gear”  



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