Improve Your Posture – The Divine Solution

Building a powerful posture relies on your own receptivity.  Motivation is everything you need to succeed.

The greatest obstacle to anyone attempting to correct posture by themselves is their own faulty sensory appreciation of just where proper posture is anyway.  Most of us feel that a slouch is relaxed posture.  But really When did slouching for hours ever make you feel relaxed?  This is an example of faulty sensory appreciation and in order to re-educate ourselves past this feeling or belief – our idea of what is correct posture needs to change.

Usually this kind of human body sensory appreciation work would require a teacher, many lessons and up to a year before you could feel any real difference.  Most people can’t wait that long.  Especially if they are experiencing chronic pain related to back pain from posture or back and neck problems and other back ache symptoms.  You’d want a posture correction device that delivered good back posture and would improve back posture relieving lower back discomfort immediately.  You’d want something similar to a posture corrective brace but with a pillow to correct forward head posture, lifting you into proper posture instantly.  And many people we talk to already understand that a brace will build weakness instead of strength.

When being directed to “sit up straight,” or to “pull the shoulders back,” or “chin up” all commands that deliberately tighten muscles, you could see how much benefit you'd get from a device that did all that hard work for you.  Instead of pulling your shoulders back, lifting your chest wouldn't it be great to find a simple solution that balanced your body into a new postural stance instantly? 

The divine solution is the sublime solution and the simpler the solution the better.  Our better posture support is the most powerful and most effective posture strengthening system on the market today.  What other device allows for stretching and strength building exercises to be performed while sitting in front of your computer at work?

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